Controlling your Evonic fire

E-Smart Cloud

As well as having one of the best flame effects on the market and boasting an array of features, Evonic products also offer a host of control platforms on which to control your fireplace. All our built-ins, suites & stoves are now fully compatible with the e-smart cloud app, which involves a simple connection process to your local network allowing access to your fire’s main features. We regularly release upgraded software for our models, and the e-smart cloud enables you to update your fire throughout its lifetime. This will give customers access to any new animations we release, such as our latest Halloween-themed animation, as well as keeping up to date with the latest version of the App to ensure optimum performance. One of the huge benefits of controlling your Evonic fire through the e-smart cloud app is the ability to access your fire’s features through 4G when not at home. On those cold winter evenings when your almost home, simply log into your app and turn the heater on for a quick boost of warmth for when you return.


Alexa or Google Home

Our e-smart technology also enables users to control the features of their fire through voice control using their Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. The integration of voice control was one of the first instances of this being utilised in the fireplace market and has been a huge success since its introduction. To set this feature up on either your Alexa or Google Assistant device, follow the below links and follow the step-by-step guide.

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant

Web browser control

Has your phone run out of battery? No problem! By using the web browser feature, customers can log onto the e-smart platform on a PC or tablet and access their fireplaces main features. Simply follow the link below and enter your login details.

Home Automation

Our e-smart app is now compatible with several home automation systems through our REST API. Please contact your provider to see if they can help you integrate Evonic Fires with your home automation system.



IFTTT stands for ‘If this, then that’, which is a software platform that connects apps, devices and services from different developers in order to trigger one or more automations involving those apps, devices and services. How it would work in our case is simple, you set a trigger such as; 

 When it turns 19:00 p.m. (If this)
Turn my fire ON (Then that)

For more information, log onto

Coming Soon

Along with these methods, Evonic are close to releasing several new control platforms that will be compatible with your fireplace and offer an even wider selection to suit any customer. We are currently in the final stages of developing a simple remote control, which will be suitable for use in new products and retrofittable for older Evonic models. In 2022, Evonic are also looking at integrating their products with Google nest, Siri and Ecobee.


Posted by James Robertson

Marketing Manager

James Robertson