e-llusion – The Revolutionary Silent Flame Effect

We are just about to release our brand-new e-llusion brochure, showcasing the fantastic new range of cassette and built-in models, which all feature our ground-breaking e-llusion holographic flame effect. This will sit alongside our three current brochures: Built-ins, Suites & Stoves, and Insets. We are currently in the process of finalising some branded Evonic brochure stands which we will send out in due course to house all four brochures.

Following the release of the Sirus model last year, we have developed a further four built-in e-llusion models. The Alisio models boast sizes ranging from 850mm up to 1850mm and feature unique, bronze-tinted Schott® glass to further enhance the flame effect. One of the first truly holographic fires on the market, e-llusion harnesses the latest LED projection technology, resulting in a stunning, silent non-mechanical flame effect. This concept is something we have protected under patent application no: GB 2017644.2. Fully controlled via the Evonic e-smart cloud app, you can control speed, brightness, and heat settings at the touch of a button. A brilliant new feature has also been added to the e-smart cloud app for Alisio models; a choice of several animations which will transform the look of your flame effect and fuel bed. As with our other built-in models, the Alisio range will be available with conversion kits to configure your fireplace into a GF1GF2 or GF3 format, depending on what your particular installation requires.

Alisio 850 GF2 PNG

The Alisio models all feature a 1500W heat output and a fuel bed beautifully decorated with amber and clear glass crystals to compliment the under-bed illumination. The four Alisio models to be released will be the 85011501550 and 1850.

Alisio 1850 PNG

Posted by James Robertson

Marketing Manager

James Robertson