E-lluminate – The Smart Wi-Fi Lighting Kit

Over the past 18 months or so, the trend of incorporating a media wall into the home is a design feature that seems to have exploded in popularity, with no sign of letting up anytime soon, and over this period, the evolution of the media unit concept has been apparent. Many homeowners still opt for the classic straight up and down media unit – Fireplace with TV situated above, which is perfect for those with space or room limitations. For those that do have the room available, we’re seeing the inclusion of additional storage space becoming more popular, whether that is recessed cavities or traditional shelving.


Feature lighting has now become an essential factor in the design of a living space, with many consumers choosing to integrate lighting into their media wall to accent their fireplace, television, or simply add an extra light source to a room. The simplicity of installation and control make the addition of mood-lighting an easy and stress-free process.


In the coming weeks, we will be releasing our newly developed Wi-Fi based lighting kit;     e-lluminate. Our e-lluminate smart lighting kit allows customers to incorporate accent lighting into their installation and control it simultaneously with their fireplace, through the e-smart cloud app. Following a simple set-up process connecting your lighting kit to your home router, the control panel for your smart lighting will appear below your fire on the APP’s home screen. You can then select your desired tone to perfectly match your fire’s flame effect, décor, or simply accent your living space.


Posted by James Robertson

Marketing Manager

James Robertson