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  1. Why choosing electric could make a big difference…

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    Affordable, ambient flames

    As homeowners get to grips with their rising energy expenditure, the question of how to heat your home economically remains a difficult one to answer conclusively. Many are turning to quick, heat-boosting appliances as an alternative to using their main source of heating; plug-in radiators saw a spike in sales towards the end of last year across Europe as a result. One of the most common questions our sales team are now asked regularly is ‘How much does my fire cost to run?. Despite the perception that electric based heaters are ‘vampire appliances’, they can be quite economical. Most importantly though, if you choose the right appliance, it can add just as much to your living space without the heat, as with.

    Take our market-leading Halo 1500 model for example, using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (Oct 2022) fixed unit rate of 34p per kWh, using your heater for 4 hours a night would cost you a little over £1*.The huge advantage an Evonic Fires model has over other electric heat options is that once your living area has been sufficiently heated, you can still experience the ambience of a real fire, without the heat. The perfect year-round product. If you are curious to see how much an Evonic fire would cost to run, with or without heat, a cost-calculator can be found on the home page of our website.

    Electric halogen heater at home. Heating the apartment in cold autumn or winter time.

    Uncertain times for stove-owners

    The sales of wood-burning stoves last year suggested that many homeowners have opted for a more permanent solution, with an estimated 1.5 million homes in the UK now using a traditional stove. The thought process behind this is understandable – Yes, the initial outlay is costly when you factor in buying and installing a stove. But over a period, they will save on your heating bill by providing efficient heat whilst being fairly economical to run, depending on what fuel you choose. Well, maybe not, according to the government’s recently published 2023 Environmental Improvement Plan.

    One of the key areas the government are looking to crack down on is emissions. Burners in designated “Smoke Control Areas” – most towns and cities – will now only be allowed to emit 3 grams (g) of smoke per hour, down from 5g, as part of a bid to reduce air pollution. Whilst stove manufacturers are confident of being able to circumvent this by producing more efficient products, and promoting less harmful fuel, it is certainly a factor to bear in mind if you are unsure what heating appliance is best for your home. Especially when you factor in a potential £300, on the spot fine for breaching the 5g per hour limit. You can, of course, purchase higher quality fuel which emit fewer particulates, however with these new rules in place you can be assured of a significant price increase.

    Smoke from a chimney

    Is gas a viable option?

    Much like homeowners using electricity to heat their home, consumers who rely on gas have seen their bills steadily rise. Perhaps not to the extent of electric, but there has been a considerable increase. The Energy Price Guarantee (Oct 2022) has frozen prices until March 2023 at 10.3p/kWh for gas, so how does that stack up against an electric fire, or wood burning stove? A top of the range gas fire is a stunning addition to any home, however they don’t come cheap. Cost-wise, you can expect to fork out a considerable amount for the initial purchase and install, similar to a stove. Comparing running cost’s between our Halo 1500 model to a similarly sized, market-leading gas fire using natural gas, and you can see why gas is perhaps not the most economical option. On low heat setting, you can expect to pay almost triple the price for 4 hours of use, and on a high setting that jumps up to almost 6 times the cost. These costs are considerably higher if you are thinking of using propane (LPG).

    So why choose Evonic?

    All things considered, there is still no way to conclusively say how best to heat your home in a cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way. What Evonic are confident of though, is that our products should certainly be part of the conversation. With relatively cheap running costs, and the uncertainty around purchasing other traditional heating products, an Evonic fire stands up very well. Evonic Fires also recently gained ISO:14001 certification, so customers can be confident that they are purchasing from a company that manufactures products with the environment at the forefront of our thoughts.

    E1500 Sample AR
    *Energy usage based on a Halo 1500 fire. Prices are calculated using the UK: Energy Price Guarantee (Oct 2022) fixed unit rate of 34p per kWh. Please check your tariff for detailed cost of running. Prices rounded to nearest whole pence. Flame effect only calculation based on 4 hours usage. Heat calculation based on 4 hours of thermostatic usage with 50% duty cycle plus flame effect. Calculations do not include installation, maintenance or servicing.
  2. E-lluminate – The Smart Wi-Fi Lighting Kit

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    Over the past 18 months or so, the trend of incorporating a media wall into the home is a design feature that seems to have exploded in popularity, with no sign of letting up anytime soon, and over this period, the evolution of the media unit concept has been apparent. Many homeowners still opt for the classic straight up and down media unit – Fireplace with TV situated above, which is perfect for those with space or room limitations. For those that do have the room available, we’re seeing the inclusion of additional storage space becoming more popular, whether that is recessed cavities or traditional shelving.


    Feature lighting has now become an essential factor in the design of a living space, with many consumers choosing to integrate lighting into their media wall to accent their fireplace, television, or simply add an extra light source to a room. The simplicity of installation and control make the addition of mood-lighting an easy and stress-free process.


    In the coming weeks, we will be releasing our newly developed Wi-Fi based lighting kit;     e-lluminate. Our e-lluminate smart lighting kit allows customers to incorporate accent lighting into their installation and control it simultaneously with their fireplace, through the e-smart cloud app. Following a simple set-up process connecting your lighting kit to your home router, the control panel for your smart lighting will appear below your fire on the APP’s home screen. You can then select your desired tone to perfectly match your fire’s flame effect, décor, or simply accent your living space.

  3. Controlling your Evonic fire

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    E-Smart Cloud

    As well as having one of the best flame effects on the market and boasting an array of features, Evonic products also offer a host of control platforms on which to control your fireplace. All our built-ins, suites & stoves are now fully compatible with the e-smart cloud app, which involves a simple connection process to your local network allowing access to your fire’s main features. We regularly release upgraded software for our models, and the e-smart cloud enables you to update your fire throughout its lifetime. This will give customers access to any new animations we release, such as our latest Halloween-themed animation, as well as keeping up to date with the latest version of the App to ensure optimum performance. One of the huge benefits of controlling your Evonic fire through the e-smart cloud app is the ability to access your fire’s features through 4G when not at home. On those cold winter evenings when your almost home, simply log into your app and turn the heater on for a quick boost of warmth for when you return.


    Alexa or Google Home

    Our e-smart technology also enables users to control the features of their fire through voice control using their Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device. The integration of voice control was one of the first instances of this being utilised in the fireplace market and has been a huge success since its introduction. To set this feature up on either your Alexa or Google Assistant device, follow the below links and follow the step-by-step guide.

    Amazon Alexa

    Google Assistant

    Web browser control

    Has your phone run out of battery? No problem! By using the web browser feature, customers can log onto the e-smart platform on a PC or tablet and access their fireplaces main features. Simply follow the link below and enter your login details.

    Home Automation

    Our e-smart app is now compatible with several home automation systems through our REST API. Please contact your provider to see if they can help you integrate Evonic Fires with your home automation system.



    IFTTT stands for ‘If this, then that’, which is a software platform that connects apps, devices and services from different developers in order to trigger one or more automations involving those apps, devices and services. How it would work in our case is simple, you set a trigger such as; 

     When it turns 19:00 p.m. (If this)
    Turn my fire ON (Then that)

    For more information, log onto

    Coming Soon

    Along with these methods, Evonic are close to releasing several new control platforms that will be compatible with your fireplace and offer an even wider selection to suit any customer. We are currently in the final stages of developing a simple remote control, which will be suitable for use in new products and retrofittable for older Evonic models. In 2022, Evonic are also looking at integrating their products with Google nest, Siri and Ecobee.

  4. Did you know you can control your fire through Amazon Alexa?

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    The release of our e-smart range saw Evonic Fires lead the way in innovation driven by technology, and one of the key features of our e-smart technology was the integration of voice control through Amazon Alexa. By following this simple setup guide, you will enable access to your fire’s key features, and be able to control the basic functions your Evonic fire has to offer, all through simple voice commands on your Amazon Alexa device.

    Download the Amazon Alexa app

    Screenshot 1

    Once your fire is installed and switched on, open the Amazon Alexa app. Once open single press 'more' in the bottom right-hand corner.

    Screenshot 2

    Single press Skills & Games

    on the pop-up list.

    Screenshot 3

    Single press search and type in evonicfires. Select the Evonicfires Halo skill icon to open.

    Screenshot 4

    Now on the Evonicfires Halo skill page you can single press the Enable to Use button to go to the log in page.

    Screenshot 5

    Enter the log in details that you previously entered in the app set up process, and single press Log In.

    Screenshot 6

    After a few moments your account will be linked. Once this is done you can single press Close.

    Screenshot 7

    Single press Discover Devices to search for your fire.

    Screenshot 8

    Your fire will show up as two devices, allowing you to programme the heater separately to the effects. Single press the second option, and Set up Device.

    Screenshot 9

    Your fireplace is now paired with Amazon Alexa! Below, you will find the voice commands needed to control your Evonic fire. Please remember to substitute the word 'Fire' for the name of your appliance.

    Turning your fireplace ON or OFF

    Alexa, turn fire ON 

    Alexa, turn fire OFF 

    Turning your heater ON or OFF

    Alexa, set fire heater to AUTO

    Alexa, set fire heater to OFF

    Adjusting the temperature

    Alexa, set temperature to 27 degrees

    Alexa, make it warmer in here (Increases temperature by 3 degrees)

    Alexa, make it cooler in here (Decreases temperature by 3 degrees)

    Animation selection

    Alexa, set animation to Eos

    Alexa, set animation to Still

    Alexa, set animation to Breathe

    Alexa, set animation to Spectrum

    Alexa, set animation to Embers

    Alexa, set animation to Odyssey

    Alexa, set animation to Aurora

    Alexa, set animation to Red

    Alexa, set animation to Orange

    Alexa, set animation to Yellow

    Alexa, set animation to Green

    Alexa, set animation to Blue

    Alexa, set animation to Violet

    Alexa, set animation to White

  5. Choosing the perfect fire for your home…

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    Avesta New Room Set 2 w logo

    When the time comes to choose which Evonic fire is the best option for you, we understand it can be a difficult decision. With our huge range of sizes and styles, deciding on the right fireplace for your particular installation, and more importantly, a fire that suits your budget, can be a time-consuming task.

    In this article we would like to answer some of the common questions you may ask before deciding on which fireplace is right for your home…

    • The styles we offer
    • E-smart or Evoflame®?
    • Control options
    • How easy is an Evonic fire to install?

    The styles we offer

    Colorado Room Set


    Our Insets range all come in at 75mm deep, and comfortably fit a standard 16 x 22-inch opening. Each Evonic Inset model comes with a bespoke log or fuel set, tailored to perfectly complement your flame effect.

    Compton 1000 TIFF New Tiles web


    Featuring Evonic Fires’ evoflame® and e-smart flame effects, along with a range of styles and finish options, the suite collection from Evonic Fires offers a heating solution to suit any living space. With wall mounted and floor-based options also available, our suites offer a far greater scope when deciding on the perfect installation for your home.

    HALMSTAD 4k Still


    With a variety of styles and sizes, our stoves offer incredible choice when choosing the right model for you, and the ease of installation makes for a stress-free process. Influenced by Scandinavian design, our stove models are perfectly suited to a contemporary interior.

    E1500 Sample AR


    With sizes ranging from 500mm up to 2400mm, as well as two-or-three-sided glass models, our built-in models come with a bespoke log set, tailored to perfectly compliment your flame effect. Incorporating our innovative evoflame® and e-smart flame effects, our built-in models are suited to any household, traditional or contemporary.

    E-Smart or Evoflame®?

    One of the most common questions we are asked is the difference between our e-smart and evoflame® models, and which is best suited to a particular installation. The honest answer is, it is completely up to the customer and what features they would prefer from their fireplace. Here are the key differences between the two ranges.

    • Six animations to choose from
    • Six solid colour effects
    • Amber and clear glass fuel bed decoration
    • Woodland or silver birch split log set
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Watch
    • Operated using the Evonic e-smart cloud app
    • Anti-reflective glass on all GF models
    • Stand-alone flame effect
    • Solid steel fuel bed
    • Slate chipping decoration
    • Woodland or silver birch log set
    • Operated using the Evonic e-touch app
    • Clear float glass on all evoflame® models
    • Anti-reflective glass on all evoflame ultra HD® models

    Control Options

    At present, our suites, stoves, and built-ins can be operated using either the Evonic e-touch or e-smart cloud app. These are both simple and user-friendly interfaces that allow seamless control and access to the features your fireplace has to offer. The e-smart cloud app is connected to your fireplace via wi-fi connection and pairing up to your home router, whilst the e-touch is a simple Bluetooth pairing process. Our inset models are available with a choice of three control options: Manual switches, a remote control, or the e-touch app, depending on your preference.

    How easy is an Evonic fire to install?

    One of the huge advantages of choosing electric over gas or solid fuel fireplaces is the ease of installation. Not only is the process to install an Evonic fire stress-free, but it also won't add a hefty extra cost to your project.

    Our insets and stoves are ready to be plugged in straight out of the box, and all a customer needs to do is situate the fire in place.

    Our suite models require a bracket to be fixed to the wall at the appropriate height, then the fire can be hung off the bracket by lining up the slots at the back of the fire to match the bracket. 


    The process to install one of our built-in models starts exactly the same as the suites, using the fixing bracket to hang the fire off the wall. Then once the fire is situated in place, you can begin to build your chimney breast or media wall using studwork or timber framing.

    Screenshot_20210714_092030 (002)
    Screenshot_20210714_094109 (002)

    The chimney breast or media wall can then be plastered and skimmed, ready for decorating to finish off the installation.

  6. Did you know our e-smart products now work with Google Assistant?

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    Evonic Fires have recently introduced Google Assistant compatibility across our e-smart range, meaning controlling the features of your fire has never been easier.

    Once your fire has been installed and you have set up your e-smart cloud account, download the Google Home app from the Apple app store or Google Play.

    Please note: most Android devices already have this feature installed.

    Then follow this simple step-by-step guide to pair your Evonic Fire with Google Assistant.

    Press the plus icon to add your device

    Google Home Setup 1

    Select 'Set up device'

    Google Home Setup 2

    On the 'Set up a device' page, select Works with Google

    Google Home Setup 3

    Press the search icon 

    Google Home Setup 4

    Search Evonic Fires and select the skill Evonicfires Halo

    Google Home Setup 5

    You will then be re-directed to the Evonic Evonet page, where you simply enter the login details used during your initial setup of the e-smart cloud app.

    Google Home Setup 6

    Your fireplace is now paired with Google Assistant! Below, you will find the voice commands needed to control your Evonic e-smart fire.

    Turning your fireplace ON or OFF:

    Ok Google. Turn ON the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Turn OFF the {Fireplace name}

    Animation selection:

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Still on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Breathe on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Spectrum on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Embers on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Odyssey on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Aurora on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Red on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Orange on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Yellow on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Green on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Blue on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to Violet on the {Fireplace name}

    Ok Google. Change the animation to White on the {Fireplace name}

  7. e-llusion – The Revolutionary Silent Flame Effect

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    We are just about to release our brand-new e-llusion brochure, showcasing the fantastic new range of cassette and built-in models, which all feature our ground-breaking e-llusion holographic flame effect. This will sit alongside our three current brochures: Built-ins, Suites & Stoves, and Insets. We are currently in the process of finalising some branded Evonic brochure stands which we will send out in due course to house all four brochures.

    Following the release of the Sirus model last year, we have developed a further four built-in e-llusion models. The Alisio models boast sizes ranging from 850mm up to 1850mm and feature unique, bronze-tinted Schott® glass to further enhance the flame effect. One of the first truly holographic fires on the market, e-llusion harnesses the latest LED projection technology, resulting in a stunning, silent non-mechanical flame effect. This concept is something we have protected under patent application no: GB 2017644.2. Fully controlled via the Evonic e-smart cloud app, you can control speed, brightness, and heat settings at the touch of a button. A brilliant new feature has also been added to the e-smart cloud app for Alisio models; a choice of several animations which will transform the look of your flame effect and fuel bed. As with our other built-in models, the Alisio range will be available with conversion kits to configure your fireplace into a GF1GF2 or GF3 format, depending on what your particular installation requires.

    Alisio 850 GF2 PNG

    The Alisio models all feature a 1500W heat output and a fuel bed beautifully decorated with amber and clear glass crystals to compliment the under-bed illumination. The four Alisio models to be released will be the 85011501550 and 1850.

    Alisio 1850 PNG
  8. New additions to the Evonic Fires team

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    We are pleased to welcome several new team members to the Evonic Fires family, who will be taking up a multitude of roles in various departments.

    Jason Willetts has recently taken over from Craig Simonds, and amongst other projects, will be heavily focused on gaining our ISO accreditation. Jason has over eight years’ experience within Quality, as a Quality Manager and Quality Engineer, working in several industries including Automotive, Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Agricultural. In his spare time, Jason enjoys playing football or a round of golf, and spending quality time with his partner and four children.

    Phil Cole will be joining us as a Business Development Manager, with a view to expanding our reach into more diverse markets. Phil is a qualified aircraft engineer, having worked for British Airways for many years. He worked on various aircraft types, his favourites being the 747’s and Concorde. He then decided, after the years of unsociable night shifts, that he wanted to fuse his engineering knowledge with a career in business development, which led him to technical and construction sales
    roles with companies including Balfour Beatty and Carillion. Phil is a father of three boys which keeps him busy when he is not at work, ferrying them to their various activities such as Gaelic Football, Taekwondo and Beavers. His own interests are the gym, country walking and renovating property.

    We have also made significant additions to the research and development team, as well as the administration team. Our R & D team, headed by Technical Manager Zac Mcmahon, will be joined by Lorraine Clarke and Peter Monnington to assist with product development, design, and implementation. The office team has welcomed two new faces to assist with service calls and general administration duties, Ryan Thomas and Emma Eggleton, who have settled right into life at Evonic.